Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pictures from my Walking Tour (text to follow)

The following pictures are from the city square.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Brussels-My Apartment

I arrived almost two weeks ago in Brussels and I have yet to update everyone on what has been going on. It has been quite difficult to figure out how to organize the blog. Finally, last night at close to midnight, while drinking a very good Belgian ale, I knew what to do. From here on out, I have a plan, and I think that the rest will follow.

Anyway, the the meat and bones of the posting. MY APARTMENT. I really like it. It isn't the biggest place in the world, but it has all the important things. A bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, a TV, and of couse, WHAT A VIEW. The picture is from my balcony and you are looking at the Eglise Notre Dame de Sablon. It is a rather large chruch with beautiful glass pained windows. The best part of living this close to a church...the church bells. Every morning the wake me up. Every night they lull me to sleep. I am quite lucky.

Of couse I could have cleaned up a bit, but whom would I be fooling. Everyone knows how clean I really am.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The last hurrah

There is nothing more to say than that.
Before I left, my sweet Maria baked me this cake. It was a two layered chocolate cake with some white chocolate frosting. I can tell you this much, it didn't last very long!

There were also a few goodbye dinners and breakfasts. One of these dinners was at my parents house. Family friends of ours, the Hansel's, were in attendance. The other usual suspects that evening were my father-in-law, my parents and of course the lovely Maria, who always seems to be missing from such pictures. My mother made one of her many specialties, namely potato dumpling's, red cabbage, and of course her world famous pork roast. We all ate like kings and queens. I wish there would have been some leftover, but as you can see, someone didn't know when to stop eating (I really think I need to have my stomach checked out--perhaps I do have a tapeworm). Perhaps I just was feeling very hungry that night.

After all that eating at my parents house, who do you think would step to the plate and prepare a wonderful breakfast the next morning. Now what many of you don't realize is that the spatula that Maria is holding has two purposes. One to flip the pancakes. The other, is to keep me at bay. Maria needs her space when she is cooking. Can't say I don't blame her.

Lastly, we come to our little breakfast view. Now that all the snow is gone, we can see the lake again. It is probably this view that I am going to miss the most while I am in Brussels. That blue water and those blue clouds above can be incredible. If it weren't for all those geese, I would actually be a very peaceful and tranquil place to visit. Hopefully all of these geese will migrate to another lake in the spring time. Actually, now that I think about it, the next time I see that lake, the trees might be budding. How exciting that would be!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brussels Awaits

In November 2005, my company sent me to Brussels for two short weeks. I had the oppertunity to explore the city a bit and see what Brussels had to offer. Now, a few months later, I am being sent back for four long months. Below are some of the highlights from my first trip. Let the adventure begin.

If you are lucky, you can find one of these orange waffle. They make fresh hot waffels in these little buses. What can I say, modern art that just
grabs you.

Flying Snow Angel

Yay! The weather forecasters finally got it right! It snowed 8 inches! So after a lazy breakfast we wandered to the lake to see the beautiful scene. Being one of our last weekend's before Mike heads to Belgium, he is loving this last snow at home and all that comes with it...shoveling, sledding, and becoming the flying snow angel that came tackling down on Maria, rolling right into the lake! Ok, so that was a little exaggerated, but Maria really did, "almost die"!

Look at the cute snow bunny!

Pretty snow scenes!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let the Blogging Begin

Our good friend Paloma introduced us into the blogging world and so we decided what a great way to keep a diary of life, especially now that Mike will be away in Belgium! Stay tuned for some fun pictures and writings of the life of Vogele. Cheers!